consumer surveys

Consumer surveys are a cornerstone of Optio’s brand protection program, helping to create a positive experience for consumers while they are in the collections process. Surveys are also a widely accepted method of measuring consumer satisfaction and return on investment.

As part of its commitment to full transparency, Optio shares feedback obtained through consumer surveys with its clients. This approach to knowledge pooling enables Optio to fine tune collection efforts and confirm its common ground with clients.

Optio exceeds the performance expectations of clients by improving their revenue streams and enhancing the consumer experience. Optio applies a firm, yet tactful approach that encourages consumers to repay their debts while remaining loyal to the client.

The agency protects brand images among the various publics (consumer, industry and media) by treating consumers with respect and acknowledging the difficulty of their situation.

This consumer-centric approach focuses on garnering customer satisfaction, addressing their individual needs, and encouraging them to remain engaged in the payment process.

Create a Positive Brand Image with Consumer Surveys