energy industry accounts receivable

Improving Energy Industry Accounts Receivable: Pt 2

A demanding economic landscape and rising consumer debt will continue to challenge energy industry accounts receivable, but providers leveraging improved customer satisfaction with digital technologies are expected to deliver lasting profits. According to “2018 Outlook on Power and Utilities,” a white paper by Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, the trends include a significant rise in…


debt collection agency

How to Find the Best Debt Collection Agency: Pt. 1

Selecting the right debt collection agency requires a thorough review of top firms. To save businesses valuable time, Optio Solutions has assembled an all-inclusive checklist covering nine key considerations. The first four categories of the checklist displayed below cover the areas of compliance, certification, security and technology. The second part will detail quantitative analysis, qualitative…


community banks and credit unions

Improve Collections at Community Banks and Credit Unions

Despite the growing optimism among U.S. consumers about the economy and their personal finances, the rising debt from unpaid student loans, auto loans and credit card balances over the last 18 months should be disconcerting to all financial institutions, including community banks and credit unions. Thus, the importance of maintaining judicious loan practices and effective…


collection and recovery industries

Collection and Recovery Industries Gather at CRS 2018

CRS 2018, a conference for the collection and recovery industries, was the center of attention for senior level creditors involved in collection, recovery operations and strategy on May 9  – 11, 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. The trade event featured workshops, keynotes, concurrent seminar sessions, round-table discussions, networking opportunities and an expo…