consumer surveys

Most professionals agree that maintaining customer satisfaction is essential to brand protection and increased service levels, but how can they be sure consumers are truly satisfied? … The best approach is to ask them via a well-designed consumer surveys program.

Surveys take the guess work out of defining what drives consumer happiness and effectively say, “We care, and if necessary, we will rectify the situation.”

Benefits to Clients

As the buffer between consumers and clients, Optio uses surveys to generate a collective voice for consumers and create a positive experience for them. This consumer-centric approach also focuses on individual consumer needs, encouraging them to remain loyal to the brand and engaged in the payment process.

Surveys underline Optio’s dedication to enhancing internal service levels while maintaining a positive rapport with clients’ customers and identifying relevant consumer trends.

Optio analyzes survey data and makes real-time adjustments to collection strategies as it deters media coverage, reinforces consumer retention and drives collection results.

When Does Optio Conduct Surveys?

Optio offers the option to participate in surveys when:

  • Consumers contact Optio to make payments or respond to messages
  • Optio representatives phone consumers

What Does Optio Ask During Surveys?

Optio asks essential questions about a consumer’s overall satisfaction as well as the promptness of service and the collector’s ability to answer questions, listen to concerns, provide valuable options, and communicate with respect.


Brand protection is based on consumer satisfaction — contact us to learn more.