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July 30, 2013

Minimize Bad Debt with Lessons from Comic-Con

bad-debt-collection-comic-conThe caped crusaders have left the building, but over here in California, we’re still recovering from the influx of Lycra and masks that can only mean one thing – Comic-Con. No, Optio Solutions didn’t have a booth (but how cool would it have been to be sandwiched between Stan Lee and Sanrio?), but we can give you a little takeaway from the convention. And you won’t even have to sleep outside for three days just to get a wristband.

Knowledge = Power

Not only do you have to buy a ticket to get into Comic-Con, but many parts of the multi-day programming are ticketed events as well. (So yes, you need a ticket before you can get tickets.) At the most popular events are superstars revealing the plots and script points of their latest movies or television seasons. Fans crowd in to get this secret knowledge, loving that they’re the first. (True, it hits the blogosphere shortly after, but for that little parcel of time, it feels great.) When you align your business with a collections company, you get a ticket to that secret knowledge club too. You’re a VIP – not just because you’ll be treated that way by your agency, but because your needs become a priority.

The Meek Shall Inherit

Remember the cry of “NERRRRRRDS!” in the movie “Revenge of the Nerds?” If you also remember, the nerds “won” – the guitar showdown, the girls, the relay races. Comic-Con is another example of nerds winning, and taking the term “nerd” (or “geek,” “otaku,” or your preference) as a red badge of courage. Nerds rule Comic-Con for their creativity, brain power, ingenuity, and openness. Without nerds, there’d be no Comic-Con. And without the brain power behind collections companies, there’d be no debt recovery. When you find a collections agency that knows its stuff (perhaps one with PPMS certification), you’ve got major brainpower working for you. Unleash the nerds and get back the payments you’re due!

We Can All Use a Superhero

You can’t buy a $10 cup of soda at Comic-Con without bumping into a superhero. (You wouldn’t want to, anyway. You’re at Comic-Con, isn’t that the point?) Comic-Con runs rampant with superheroes of the “popular” variety, such as Spidey and ol’ Clark Kent’s alter-ego, but the con is also a time for individuality. If you’ve ever felt that inside you is just the most unique, special savior itching to burst forth, Comic-Con may be just the place. The costume’s not something you could wear to Safeway or CVS (well, you could…), but at Comic-Con, you’re among fellow enthusiasts. Think about how good that would feel. That’s similar to the feeling you get when a collections company takes over pursuing “the bad guys” for you. Accounts receivable management professionals are “super” at their jobs, and can help “save” you and your business. In most cases, you don’t even have to shine the Batlight symbol.

It’s All About the Cape

The cape is such a versatile object. You can wear it as a scarf, belt, wrist guard, apron. You can sit on it, picnic on it, clean with it, wrap things in it, hide in it. But what do superheroes do? They just let it flutter down their backs. It’s not armor. It’s a signifier. Cape = superhero. How does this translate to collections? Good companies in the field have similar signifiers. Look for collections companies’ capes – which may be their testimonials, their services, the markets they serve, their BBB rating, how they train their people. These things may not flap in the wind, but they’re very obvious once you start looking for them. The best companies don’t hide within their capes, they stand proud. Kind of like a nerd in a homemade superhero costume on the first day of Comic-Con.

Who’s your favorite superhero? Have you ever attended Comic-Con? No super powers required for this freebie – you’ve just been beamed to the next level. Now yell “KaPOW” and download this free guide!


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