By Joe Gargiulo
August 18, 2009

Optio Solutions Welcomed to Woodlands Chamber

Chamber Ribbon Cutting Welcomes Debt Management Company to the Woodlands Community

Houston, TX — Optio Solutions, LLC, an accounts receivable management company was welcomed as a new member to the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce July 31, 2009 with a Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

“We’re pleased to have a presence in the Houston area,” said Terry Buske, Vice President of Sales and long-time Houston resident. “Late-paying and slow-paying customers can create cash shortages in a business, keeping them from paying their bills, their loans and worst case – their staff. Optio Solutions is here to help companies protect their profits.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce offices. Members of the Optio Houston sales force, the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce Diplomatic Committee and other community leaders were in attendance. Buske, a 20-year veteran of the collections business, spoke to the group. “When we were little, we were all taught that you get more with sugar than with salt. It’s similar with our approach to getting your money and accelerating your accounts receivables. It is one of the reasons why we have better results collecting on your receivables than our competitors.”

In addition to being members of the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce, the Houston office is involved with local State Bar Associations in the Woodlands and Montgomery County. “We are currently making plans to sponsor events and presentations with a number of organizations here in the area. We look forward to being active members in the Chamber and the Houston business community as a whole,” said Buske. “Our homes are here, our kids go to area schools and we want to help local businesses keep their accounts receivables current. We hope the money we are recovering will help stimulate the local economy,” he concluded.

Optio Solutions offers clients several collection solutions including a flat-fee written demand service called Strategy I and a contingency-based verbal demand product called Strategy II.  An online client portal lets clients manage and control collection activity throughout the process.

“The services available from Optio Solutions can provide local and national businesses a hand in improving their cash flow and recovering outstanding receivables in a friendly, yet professional manner,” said Chris Schumacher, President & CEO. “We use technology to implement collection strategies and analytics to create customized solutions which increase collection results for our clients.”

Optio Solutions provides services to a variety of businesses throughout the US including law firms, health clubs, building supply companies, home owner associations, home care providers and medical and dental offices. Optio Solutions’ services are marketed nationally through resellers, partners and in-house sales consultants.

About Optio Solutions, LLC:
Optio Solutions, LLC. is a full-service accounts receivable management company headquartered in Rohnert Park, California, with additional offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas. The Houston office address: 3707 FM 1960 West, Suite 500.

Optio Solutions is nationally licensed and bonded and qualified to collect in all fifty states and has implemented policies and procedures to safeguard financial and personal information in accordance with Federal and State statutes. Optio Solutions is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

For more information, please call:  (800) 360-2827 or visit:

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