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July 13, 2017

What’s insideARM for the Debt Collection Industry is a publication of the iA Institute, a media company providing context, insight and practical information to the debt collection industry. The company has grown from its inception as a publisher of a daily newsletter to an industry influencer at the highest levels. insideARM LLC is a certified Woman Owned Business.

The institute’s initiatives “bring a range of stakeholders to the table in a candid environment to inform, build a culture of compliance, address industry challenges, and make profitable connections.”

The publication was launched in 2000, reaching the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry’s audience of debt collection professionals: agency executives, law firms, debt buyers, creditors, suppliers of technology and services, regulators, investors and other interested parties.

The organization also publishes newsletters, guides, reports and webinars that “offer actionable insight to professionals across the spectrum of the industry.”


debt collection industryThe News tab presents a long list of secondary pages including All News by Topic, Best Call Centers to Work For, Publish a Press Release, Submit a Story and five corporate blogs.

All News by Topic is a conglomeration of pieces written by insideARM executives and industry experts as well as external items including press releases. For example, “What Happens to Faxed Revocation of Consent?” was penned by insideARM President Tim Bauer.

Among the corporate blogs, ARM in Focus is a forum of content generated by Kaulkin Ginsberg, an ARM strategic advisor to the “outsourced business services industry.” Meanwhile, a corporate blog sponsored by NLP Logix offers a detailed explanation of predictive analytics. Read “Keep Your Stars in Their Lane through Optimal Resource Allocation!” to learn more.

Events and Jobs for the Debt Collection Industry

The Events primary navigational tool is fairly modest — one free webinar and a few regional peer meetings — but the HR content flourishes under the Jobs drop-down menu where the page opens to a comprehensive employment search tool that may be refined by Job Function, Industry and State. Furthermore, the results offer sorting by Position, Company, Location and Posted date. There are also featured and preferred postings that are well-suited to careers in management and beyond in the debt collection industry.

Store, Toolboxes and Whitepapers

debt collection industryThe Store tab offers an assortment of research and training publications that may be purchased and downloaded to the desktop. Focus categories include Accounts Receivable Management, CFPB, Collection Laws and Regulations, Collection Technology, Data Security, FCRA, FDCPA, Letters, Operations, Payment Systems, Student Loan Debt and TCPA. Samples of some guides may be downloaded free.

Toolboxes offers a “full suite of compliance and operational tools grouped by subject” such as Consumer Communications, Data Security, Revenue Cycle Management, TCPA and Payments. In addition, whitepapers such as “Email Communications: Practice Pointers for Third-Party Agencies” and “Collection Call Compliance” are free downloads while others require payment.

The Whitepapers menu duplicates some documents offered under Toolboxes, but also offers unique content such as upcoming webinars that are also listed under the Webinars tab. Furthermore, the latter contains links to external presentations such as “Portfolio Scoring: How a Data-Driven Strategy Can Improve Collections” by TransUnion.


ARM insider is a free daily e-newsletter that provides news, trends and perspective on compliance, regulation, executive changes, company news and other critical topics in the debt collection industry.

Compliance Portals

debt collection industryThis primary navigational tool is subdivided into the categories of CFPB, FDCPA, TCPA, State Laws, Complaints, Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance Professionals Forum.

For example, the TCPA selection offers full text of the approved legislation, a long list of related cases (delineated by case, venue, date, issues and dispositions), Important TCPA Documentation, and TCPA Coverage on is an invaluable resource for professionals in the debt collection industry. There is a certain amount of duplication among the Toolboxes, Whitepapers and Webinars tabs, but that liability is far outweighed by the breadth and depth content offered throughout the site.

Optio Solutions was established with a foundation of compliance, certification, data security and technology that encapsulates the focus of The agency offers clients favorable ROI in conjunction with the benefits of durable brand protection and consumer satisfaction surveys. Contact us today to learn how we can create a successful debt collection program for your organization.

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