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Collection Professionals Go Global at GFC 2017

The Global Finance & Credit Conference & Expo (GFC 2017) is “different … deliberately.” The annual event is the only conference tailored exclusively towards national and international B2B finance, credit and collection professionals. GFC 2017 is produced by business finance professionals, providing a platform for educational and networking opportunities focused on pressing industry issues. The event is scheduled for August 22 – 25 in Schaumburg, Illinois. With no association membership required, GFC 2017 welcomes professionals to attend in person or via live stream.

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RMA: A Safe Bet for Risk Management Professionals

Founded with the sole purpose of advancing “sound risk management principles to improve institutional performance and financial stability,” the Risk Management Association (RMA) actively promotes and provides continuing education and professional development to professionals within the financial services industry. The not-for-profit, member-driven professional association is comprised of 2,500 institutional members (banking and non-financial bank institutions)…

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When to Give Up on Your Debt Collection Agency

Businesses that employ a top performing debt collection agency receive time, resource and cost savings benefits as well as a favorable return on investment. Those in contract with an underperforming agency can experience less than optimal collection results and run the risk of detrimental data security breaches and or strained customer relations. To keep operations running smoothly…