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When to Give Up on Your Debt Collection Agency

Businesses that employ a top performing debt collection agency receive time, resource and cost savings benefits as well as a favorable return on investment. Those in contract with an underperforming agency can experience less than optimal collection results and run the risk of detrimental data security breaches and or strained customer relations. To keep operations running smoothly…



HFMA Producing Healthcare Industry Leaders

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) builds bridges between healthcare professionals and the financial aspect of the industry. HFMA’s goal is to establish a fiscally healthy industry, providing knowledge, education and resources for healthcare professionals to advance their careers and garner leadership tools via a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program. The HFMA website includes forums…


telecommunications debt

Collections for Telecommunications Debt

An estimated 37 percent of U.S. consumers carry telecommunications debt states “Consumer Experiences with Debt Collection,” a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Published January 2017, the findings were released after reviewing data compiled December 2014 to March 2015. Large debt has been an industry liability since the boom years of the late 1990s,…


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Touring with Debt Collectors, the online information center for the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, is an all-inclusive website that is easy for debt collectors to navigate and comprehend. The site offers hundreds of pages under main navigational resources in the areas of Advocacy, Compliance, Education, Insurance, Events, Products and Membership. These channels are essential to debt…


in-house debt collections

The Cost of In-House Debt Collections

The vitality of a business largely depends on consumer sales. When delinquent consumer accounts arise, businesses must decide whether to pursue in-house debt collections or delegate the process to a debt collection agency. Direct oversight of accounts and consumer relations, along with perceived savings, draws businesses toward exploring in-house collections. While this option can prove…