Optio Solutions offers debt recovery for the energy and utilities industry

Optio provides cost-effective collections for the energy and utilities industry on local, regional and national levels for consumer and commercial accounts. The company’s expertise in financial services and brand protection — in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology, air-tight security and full legal compliance — enable it to recover a spectrum of utility debt while enhancing consumer retention.

Recognizing the special circumstances of utility and energy providers, Optio stays current with the latest trends and functions as an extension of a company’s interests. Compliance-certified professionals advocate for clients with the highest integrity while ensuring an exceptional no-pressure experience for consumers.

This finesse is especially meaningful to the socio-economic-geographical demands placed upon utility companies. Metropolitan areas with high renter concentrations are vulnerable to consumers getting behind on utility payments. Furthermore, a great debt collections partner understands the importance of heating and cooling moratoriums when services cannot be terminated due to non-payment.

Other challenges entail understanding how to handle grace periods, government assistance programs, special needs customers (chronically or seriously ill, disabled, life support), disconnection-reconnection procedures, linking new charges to existing accounts, and changes to account titles or locations.

Utilities searching for a new or replacement debt collector will receive increased cash flow, enhanced consumer relationships, and around-the-clock access to secure account information.

Services for the Energy Industry

  • Gas and electric
  • Water and sewer
  • Trash and recycling

Optio Collection Features

  • Technology — A leading revenue recovery technology provider platform optimizes business-rule automations by managing how and when to make compliant contact with consumers.
  • Brand Protection — A consumer-centric approach using consumer surveys increases brand equity and safeguards against negative media coverage.
  • Quality Assurance — A stand-alone QA department monitors calls daily via systematic scoring and grading.

Benefits of Partnering with Optio

  • Early-out pre-disconnect campaigns (live agent and/or automated voice messaging)
  • Energy assistance application
  • Emergency outage hotlines
  • Enhanced client-consumer relationships
  • Audited financial reporting
  • 24/7/365 access to secure account information