Optio believes that “failure is never an option” in the realm of debt collection compliance and certification. The agency follows all legal guidelines and offers the finest professional practices and quality assurance in the industry.

Every client is protected from the risk of government reprisal or other negative consequences — from debtors delaying payments and filing lawsuits to other legal action or debilitating damage to the brand. With extensive experience in the highly regulated financial services industry, Optio is well-prepared to address every possible compliance issue faced by clients.

Compliance is maintained with the help of multiple ACA certified Credit and Collection Compliance Officers and a legal team. Optio’s compliance attorneys stay ahead of changes in legislation and judiciary interpretation while offering proactive solutions and strategies that address compliance from multiple angles.

Compliance Training

Optio also performs regular training under the guidance of a certified collections attorney and testing of all debt collectors to ensure complete understanding of all aspects of the above guidelines in addition to other standards, laws and regulations.

Quality Assurance

The stand-alone Quality Assurance Department monitors calls and other activities on a daily basis via systematic scoring and grading. If necessary, debt collectors are retrained and retested before making further contact with consumers.

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