Transparent Partnership

Optio provides transparent and timely feedback that enables clients to make informed decisions. As a business fundamental, a transparent partnership engenders enormous trust and allows Optio and its clients to achieve mutual success.

This transparency begins during the initial discussions of the partnership and continues for the extended term of Optio’s relationship with each client. Optio goes the extra mile to determine client expectations and translates them into attainable results.

As a seminal component of its commitment to transparency, Optio provides clients with around-the-clock access to secure account information. Consumer interactions are monitored with a state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting system by a leading revenue recovery technology provider that automates workflows, ensures rapid response to changing business conditions, and enables real-time adjustments to individual programs.

Transparency also means that clients are the first to know about changes in compliance standards and regulations. The Optio legal team anticipates changes in the legal climate and responds with sound planning that enables clients to conduct seamless operations.

Humanizing business with surveys

Optio shares feedback obtained through consumer surveys with clients as part of its commitment to full transparency. This approach to knowledge pooling enables Optio to fine-tune collection efforts and confirm its common ground with clients.

Surveys help create a positive experience for consumers during their stay in the collections process. They are also a widely accepted method of measuring consumer satisfaction and return on investment.

Transparency with consumers

Optio also maintains transparency with consumers, beginning with its disclosure of the Mini Miranda and continuing throughout the consumer lifecycle. This approach encourages brand loyalty and full cooperation in the repayment of accounts receivable.

Complimentary Consultation

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