Debt Collection Guides

Optio Solutions’ services provide businesses with diplomatic, fixed-fee pre-collection and collection solutions. Choose the services that fit your business’ needs including customizable written demands for early debt recovery or use our contingency based traditional collection service for your aged receivables. Check out these free guides to assist your business increase revenue, minimize debt and help give you peace of mind.

How to Find the Best Debt Collection Agency

Our free guide answers the question, “What does it take to find the best debt collection agency?” This 22-page publication is a must read for any organization seeking a collections firm.


Tax Season Debt Collection Strategy Ups ROI 30%

debt collection tax season strategyTop-tier debt collection agencies are successful at year-round debt recovery, but they can help clients increase their ROI up to 30% with a well-planned tax season debt collection strategy.

Advantages of a Tax Season Debt Collection Strategy:

  • Brand Protection
  • Value
  • Prompt payments

Tracking KPIs In Revenue Cycle Management

KPIs are the metrics that help healthcare administrators gauge revenue cycle efficiency; make informed decisions about policies, practices and procedures; and improve patient outcomes.

This guide explains:

  • The four stages of the revenue cycle (patient access, claims, account resolution and financial management).
  • The suggested target values for the most important KPIs.
  • The advantages of maintaining healthy financials.
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