Multi-Channel Communications

What is Multi-Channel Communications?

Multi-channel communications is the practice of interacting with consumers using a combination of communication channels (direct mail, phone, email, text and chat) and enabling them to take responsive action — preferably to make a payment — using the channel of their choice. Simply stated, multichannel communications are all about choice.

multi-channel communicationsWhy Use Multiple Channels?

The consumer experience is one of our most powerful competitive differentiators. We believe the consumer experience is a representation of our client’s brand, whether their interactions with us are over the phone, or via one of the other channels.

What Are the Advantages?

Optio’s Multi-Channel Communications offer a seamless customer experience. These channels are a convenient and effective way to communicate with consumers.


Letters are a collection tool that provides account information to consumers via the US Postal Service.


Phone calls offer professional communications that help consumers achieve resolution of their accounts.


Email is still the go-to medium for many people, with advantages including easy referencing, paperless, global access, simplicity, and the ability to be read on a mobile device.

Text Messages

Text messaging allows for easy communication with consumers. It’s fast, high priority, mobile, concise, conversational and most importantly, it gets read. Over 292 million people in North America use text messages — that translates to 80% of the population!

Live Chat

With chat, customers don’t have to spend time searching for contact details or email addresses. They simply land on our website and launch a session. Chat is also convenient. Rather than waiting on hold listening to awful music or for an email response, chat offers an instant connection.

How Can Multi-Channel Communications Help You?

Optio’s Multi-Channel Communications provide clear messaging, calls to action, and self-servicing options that encourage favorable consumer responses, website visits and payment plans.

Contact us today at 800-360-2827 to learn more about Multi-Channel Communications.

Multi-Channel Communications

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