Optio seamlessly integrates with all levels of debt collection infrastructures to help deliver consistent and measurable results for clients in a broad spectrum of industries using extensive experience, advanced account management systems and transparent interactions.

Clients save time and money while enjoying smooth functionality and favorable consumer retention as they recover delinquent accounts.

Organizations searching for a new or replacement debt collector can expect to receive increased cash flow, enhanced consumer relationships, and 24/7/365 access to secure account information while reducing staff time and paper.

Proven Track Record of Success

“One size does not fit all” and one approach does not fit every situation in the realm of collections.

Optio’s proven methodologies are derived from years of delivering extraordinary results to clients throughout the nation. Some firms boast of call-per-day numbers, but Optio understands the quality of contacts is just as important as the quantity, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and retention.

Results that Retain Customers

Knowing that timing is everything, Optio extends a hand to loyal consumers in good standing at the earliest stage of their delinquency, helping to solve small problems before they fester into large ones.

Clients retain valued consumers as Optio focuses on earning their trust and enhancing positive attitudes toward the brand. This firm, yet tactful approach encourages consumers to repay their debt while remaining loyal.

Clients are the best evaluators of debt collection results. Time and again, clients say Optio consistently delivers results that out-perform their other debt collection partners. This often means clients ask Optio to take on more of their debt collection responsibilities.

Optio’s well-trained debt collectors excel in overcoming consumer objections, navigating around stall tactics, and negotiating maximum payments. The result is a consumer-centric approach focused on garnering customer satisfaction, addressing their individual needs, and encouraging them to remain engaged in the payment process.

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