Security and Technology

Optio provides the most advanced level of data security and technology to foster client confidence and consumer trust.

An advanced platform from a leading revenue recovery technology provider allows Optio to optimize business-rule automations by managing how and when to make effective, compliant contact with consumers. This sophisticated tool provides the means to address potential issues with greater confidence and command.

Security Systems

To guard against breaches in digital security, Optio employs a number of safeguards:

  • CCTV 24-hour security cameras
  • Employee background checks and drug screening
  • Strict badge-only access
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Optio partners with Trumpia to provide the ultimate level of protection should unforeseen circumstances or a natural disaster occur. Consumer data remains secure at all times with the help of Optio’s Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure business activities continue without disruption or compromise. Full recovery is guaranteed within 48 hours.

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