Lehigh University, PA

Optio Solutions offered a new, effective and economical way of recovering past due accounts.  What we particularly liked about this approach is the unbelievable positive response that we received. We are able to focus our efforts on other projects, allowing my office to operate for effectively and efficiently. Best of all, within one month of signing up with Optio Solutions, we have collected a significant number of our past due accounts faster than we could have imagined.”

Vincent D, Private University


In education, we require a certain amount of compassion for our parents, so I always choose the diplomatic option for servicing our account.  I find your agents’ courtesy reassuring when they need more information from me.  Their professional contact with the families helps protect our valuable reputation. The good results also merit mentioning.  We get paid!  We will be with Optio Solutions for the foreseeable future because of the diplomacy, professionalism and the results.

Marianne H, Private School


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With Optio Solutions I am able to meet two of the top goals of any business; getting paid and keeping my clients.  They use a diplomatic approach, which both my clients and I appreciate.  In addition, Optio Solutions’ collection rate has far exceeded our expectations.  It is easy to upload our debtors into their system and the customer service has been excellent.

Darcy V, Electric Company


Having been in collections and the accounts receivable management industry for over 40 years, I thought I could do it all.  I’m glad I was wrong.  By turning over our past due accounts in a more timely manner, it has increased our productivity.  We have utilitized the Phase I service to help facilitate payments and retain customers.  Optio Solutions is a highly professional company and results producer.  My thanks!

Rene C, Propane Gas Distributor


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My company sells refined base oils that have been recycled from waste oils.  Our clients use and blend these base oils with additives and sell the resulting products to consumers.  This means our clients are caught between paying for the raw products we provide while waiting for their payments from the final consumer.  Unfortunately this also means our clients have an incentive to delay making payments to us in a timely manner.

This ongoing dilemma along with an increased rate of write-offs forced us to search for a collection agency that could get our clients to pay and pay on time without damaging our business relations.  Fortunately, we found a unique collection agency that allowed us to get the payment collections we wanted while maintaining a positive relationship with our clients.

Optio Solutions is both an effective and economical way of recovering past debts and preventing current debts from becoming problems with their use of friendly reminder letters.  My sales rep is always friendly, informative and on top of my account.  I strongly recommend Optio Solutions as the company that will help you manage your debt collections.

Debra H, Oil Refining & Sales


After submitting my first accounts I had payments coming in within 10 days! These were patients that had not responded to my office statements for months. It was at that time that I knew Optio was going to work well in recovering profits for my practice.

Wendy M, Family Medical Practice


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Our Optio consultant reviewed the features of their unique service portfolio, emphasizing the non-threatening, patient friendly yet effective approach to collections.  Patient relationship and retention was paramount, while still improving our cash flow by recovering outstanding debt, through a systematic program provided by Optio.

The program was simple, Optio’s web portal is very easy to use.  Being able to view the progress of all accounts and using the report feature is very helpful.”

Melissa T, Family Dental Practice


With Optio Solutions’ diplomatic approach, I can collect from clients that have either misplaced or forgotten to pay my statements without upsetting them.  For those who do not intend to pay me, it warns them that there are consequences for that action.  I find it easy to upload my debtors into their system.  It helps me operate more effectively and efficiently.  My sales rep has been in constant contact and is always available.

I highly recommend Optio Solutions as a partner in your collection efforts.

Rich C, Pest Control Company


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With the assistance of Optio Solutions, we have been able to collect delinquent assessments without causing undue stress and unbearable financial difficulty to the property owners who are struggling to keep up with the economic environment.  The diplomatic approach used by Optio Solutions is appreciated by the property owners and me.  I have been extremely satisfied with the positive feedback I have gotten from our debtors.  Our accounts receivable balance has been reduced by 50% through the use of Optio Solutions.  The online portal used to submit our debtors is very easy to use and does not require a lot of time.  Most importantly I do not have to make collection phone calls anymore.

Collecting delinquent accounts is very hard, stressful and time consuming.  Optio Solutions has proven to be a great asset to our business and I would recommend them to anyone, especially my colleagues and other community associations throughout California.”

Heather V, Property Management Company


Our experience with Optio Solutions has been remarkable and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your services.  We’ve been using the Strategy I demands to handle our overdue invoices and getting great results…even better than expected.  It has proven to be a simple, professional solution that lets us maintain a good relationship with our customers.

The system is easy for my staff to use and update and it allows us to take action more quickly than we did in the past.  In our first month we have experienced a high percentage of payments with over $18,539.43 collected.  This is a 58.3% recovery rate and we have several accounts in cycle.

As a growing business, it’s crucial that we maximize our cash flow, and Optio Solutions really helps us do that.  In addition, your customer service has been excellent and we’ve enjoyed working with all of you.”

Chris H, Document Imaging Service


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I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the service provided by Optio Solutions.  Because of your service, I no longer have to take the time to call customers who are slow paying and listen to their excuses.  Your written demands get their attention in a way we never could.  As a result of your services, some of our traditionally slow-paying customers have started paying on time and we have collected on some debts that we probably would not have collected.

Alicia R, Roofing Contractor


Our collection needs are different in the medical profession and diplomacy is an absolute must.  It is because of this diplomacy we refer to Optio Solutions as our pre-collection service.  I appreciate the fact that all money is paid directly to us.  Most patients would prefer this method.  The patients are not threatened with harassing phone calls because Optio Solutions sends a series of effective letter demands.

The Optio Strategy One letter demand system has become a part of our office’s collection process.  Since our office is extremely busy, it is so nice to partner with an agency that can take care of the patients who do not respond to our statements and phone calls.

It is without any hesitation that we will continue to recommend Optio Solutions to any medical professional.  If they are committed to improving their efficiency and overall improvement of their cash flow, Optio Solutions is the company to use!”

Andrea D, Family Dental Practice


Doctor helping senior man

We have been using your services for some time now and we are extremely pleased with the results.  The service is easy to use, effective and respectful to our patients and their families.

By using the Strategy I series, written demands are sent out automatically and we receive the payments right to our business.  This system has proven to be quite successful for us as we have received payments on 100% of our Strategy I accounts.  At the website, we can view the status of our accounts and add new ones when needed.  This saves us staff time and makes it faster to collect our money.

I would recommend your company to others in the home care business.

Pat P, Home Healthcare Service


Optio Solutions is a nationally licensed and bonded collection agency, but not the kind of collection agency you hear about in the news.  Typical collection agencies are harassing, expensive and take control of your accounts.  Optio Solutions’ written demands are professional and polite; they even give me the option to have a thank you letter sent to a patient that pays in full.  They charge me a flat fee regardless of the balance.  I retain complete control of my accounts and all of the money is paid to me directly.  Optio Solutions has performed far better than any other agency we have used.  Since we started using the service, we’ve experienced a high rate of collection on the accounts submitted.

Tiana K, Reproductive & Cryogenic Clinic


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Optio clients value the experience of working with a company providing bottom-line results, expertise, the latest technology and relentless pursuit of protecting their brands.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s better to stop talking and let others do it for you. Here is what clients are saying about us.

It is wonderful working with a collections partner that understands the value of collecting funds while maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers. Optio truly understands the importance of serving as a business partner, not just a vendor.

Mike R, Language Software