automotive debt collections

Optio’s extensive experience in automotive financial services enables it to resolve delinquencies, leases and repossessions resulting from auto loans made by manufacturers, banks and private lenders. Those resources are underlined by state-of-the-art technology, the tightest data security and maximum brand protection in conjunction with a commitment to compliance, professionalism and consumer satisfaction.

Understanding various credit standings and consumer personalities, Optio’s effective segmentation process results in a higher recovery rate. Specific consumer concerns are addressed to create repayment plans within their means.

Advanced skip-tracing technology and communications methods allow Optio’s certified collectors to receive the maximum recovery rates while maintaining a positive and professional relationship between clients and their consumers. Lenders are able to maintain their investments and cash flow without engaging in lengthy litigation involving repossessions and resales.

Many consumers fall behind on payments because they neglect to read the fine print or are confused by the terms of their auto financing. Optio resolves those issues by establishing attainable payment plans that satisfy consumers and lenders alike.

Optio Collection Features

  • Technology — A leading revenue recovery technology provider platform optimizes business-rule automations by managing how and when to make compliant contact with consumers.
  • Brand Protection — A consumer-centric approach using consumer surveys increases brand equity and safeguards against negative media coverage.
  • Quality Assurance — A stand-alone QA department monitors calls daily via systematic scoring and grading.

Benefits of Partnering with Optio

  • Increased collection rates while reducing staff time and paperwork
  • Specialized experience and accreditation
  • Enhanced client-consumer relationships
  • Audited financial reporting
  • 24/7/365 access to secure account information