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Collector Magazine Boosts Debt Collection Agencies

Collector magazine, the monthly flagship publication of ACA International, has 4,500 print and 1,500 online subscribers from debt collection agencies and credit executives around the world. ACA International (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) also offers a comprehensive website, the ACA Daily newsletter, the Pulse members-only site for healthcare collection agencies, and The Hub online…

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Collection Advisor Mag for Debt Collection Pros

As the sole national magazine produced exclusively for US debt collection professionals, Collection Advisor magazine is a leading source for the latest industry news, technology and practices. Through a team of industry experts, the sixteen-year-old magazine covers topics including compliance, data security, skip tracing, document management, credit card collections, medical collections and analytics. Within the…

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Tools for Credit Portfolio Managers: IACPM

Insiders know that the credit management industry is an ever-evolving and growing trade. With regulation changes, current credit market conditions and new best-practice business approaches, the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers (IACPM) serves as an informative resource for credit portfolio managers and other industry stakeholders. The international non-profit organization serves financial businesses and institutions around the…