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4 Reasons to Outsource First-Party Debt Collections

Some finance directors are convinced that handling all business functionality in-house is the best approach. After all, if one wants something done right, they do it themselves — correct? For others, especially those concerned with external breaches in data security, it’s a matter of keeping things close to the vest. Meanwhile, a third group of directors believes that purchasing expensive software to manage processes such as accounting, office management and online marketing is the way to go despite having to dedicate existing human resources (or invest in new ones) for program operations.


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‘What, me worry?’ IRS Hires Debt Collection Agencies

Fans of the “insane” legendary magazine harpooning everyone and everything in America will certainly recognize the quote in the title. While the publication’s mascot may carry a devil-may-care attitude, the concept of the Internal Revenue Service outsourcing collection efforts to private debt collection agencies may send chills up the spine of anyone who has encountered difficulty…