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December 23, 2022

Making of a successful debt collector

A successful debt collector can sometimes be the difference between success and failure in business. And hiring the best debt collection specialists can help your business in its goal of getting paid for goods and services provided.

It is rarely so simple as a client or customer simply not wanting to pay. There could be any myriad of factors that play into someone’s inability to settle an outstanding debt. Therefore, it is also rarely so simple as just picking up the phone and expecting the person on the other end of the line to simply say: “Sure, I will take care of that right now.”

A successful collector must come equipped with a number of tools to find the right approach in any situation. In order to use those tools appropriately, it is vital that the collector inherently displays a number of attributes that enhance everything they learn from meticulous training. Optio Solutions has identified a number of such traits and we work diligently to hire only the candidates that will utilize tools and traits in order to make successful collection calls.

Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures

We strive to make sure any new collection agent understands and works within the framework of both company policies as well as legal regulations. Optio is constantly on the forefront of compliance as we keep our policies and procedures up-to-date. We are meticulous in our training of new collection agents and ensure they are well-versed in all regulations so they can offer solutions to customers that remain within guidelines.

Active Listening

Our collection agents are skilled at attentive listening. They work to understand the customer’s point of view, allowing them to speak without interruption before asking probing questions that get to the facts. A customer who feels both heard and understood is more likely to remain on the phone to ultimately address the primary question at hand: how to resolve the debt.

Developing Rapport

Diligent training and continuous guidance and reinforcement of procedures, including compliance, means Optio collectors are not only well-versed in rules and regulations but constantly improving their ability to connect well with customers. They learn to treat customers with respect and empathy. The goal is display an attitude of helpfulness while potentially calming customers who are upset at getting the call in the first place. This is crucial as success becomes infinitely more likely when the customer is calm and approachable.


When a call is underway, every collector needs to be able to perform multiple tasks at once in order to reach a successful outcome. If the collector for instance leaves the customer on hold for too long while trying to find documentation, it is likely the customer will simply hang up. The collector has to be well-prepared and in charge of the pace of the conversation. Talking, listening, locating, reviewing and documenting information often has to be done simultaneously.



Optio trains its collectors to be masters at being assertive rather than aggressive. A customer might raise objections and perhaps even become hostile. This is when the collector must be able to convey urgency, clearly illustrating to the customer that resolving their debt will lead to the best outcome. The collector will be able to negotiate with the customer with empathy, all while clearly stating firm expectations and being persistent.

The use and proper training of these outlined qualities is what ensures success for our clients and relief for the customers, who often realize the burden of debt is one well worth shedding. Perhaps even more important is the continued development of our training procedures to address both new methods but also to respond to new rules and regulations in our industry.

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