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March 7, 2019

Utility Collection Managers Prepare for 2019 UCCS

Utility collection managers face a tough challenge in this day and age. Many consumers struggle to pay their bills each month and often need to pick and choose some debts over others. The Annual Utilities Credit & Collections Symposium provides tools and knowledge for utility collection managers to overcome these challenges while conducting compliant collections for their companies.

The 2019 Utilities Credit & Collections Symposium is slated for March 11 – 13 at the Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables, Fl. Programming will feature a series of case studies, speakers and open discussions. There will also be a series of networking opportunities to help develop connections with industry peers and collection experts from other sources.


The conference kicks off Monday with a pre-symposium interactive workshop where utility collection managers can learn how to take their agency programs to the next level.

This workshop will be instructed by Supervisor Mike Horn from Credit & Collections and Vice President Shane McDonald from Portfolio Analytics & Strategy. The workshop starts with a review of several existing collection agency programs. Presenters will discuss realistic strategies to help improve these agency programs. Attendees are given opportunities to share and discuss issues with their own programs to develop personalized solutions.  Other discussion topics for the workshop include:

Utility Collection Managers

  • Utilizing middleware solutions.
  • Utilizing performance reports.
  • Determining tiers and agencies.
  • Reviewing market share adjustment and rewards.
  • Exploring agency “bull pens.”
  • Utilizing bonus programs.
  • Agency audits and visits.

There will be a discussion session exclusive to utility companies. The session moderators will be Lisa Reilly, director of billing and credit for Peoples Gas; and Kim Soreil, manager of back office collections for PSEG Long Island. Topics will focus on credit, collections, debt recovery, and account management. They will talk about best practices and solutions for utility collection managers to achieve optimal performance. Attendees will have opportunities to ask questions and topics during the open discussion.

Additionally there is a series of case studies throughout the conference. These events will include topics on collection and bad debt reduction strategies, process improvement, change management, and business case development. The titles for each case study are as follows:

  • CenturyLink’s Success with Artificial Intelligence to its Power Self-Service Payment Platform
  • Collection Agency Performance Meetings
  • Credit Scoring for Analysis and Debt Reduction at Dominion Energy North Carolina
  • A Creative Approach to Protecting Consumer PII and Delivering Superior Service
  • Take Control of Your Company’s Online Reputation with a Social Media Toolset
  • Technology and Data Analytic Tools and Strategies to Reduce Bad Debt
  • Peoples Gas Journey to Improve Collection Agency Performance
  • Strategies for Lowering Bad-Debt with Mandated Limit on Disconnections and AMI Implementation

All are great opportunities to learn more about best business practices and to gain insight into what other agencies are doing to solve their problems.

Networking Opportunities for Utility Collection Managers

The conference features several opportunities to network with other directors and utility collection managers in the industry.

Utility Collection ManagersNetworking breakfasts are scheduled each morning in conjunction with registration for the events. A series of networking and refreshment breaks are spread throughout each day of programming to allow minds to cool off between events. Tuesday’s group luncheon is noteworthy. Additionally there will be a cocktail and networking reception Monday and Tuesday night where utility collection managers can meet and greet as well as develop important new connections.

Optio Solutions for Utility Credit and Collections

Be sure to catch Optio representatives Todd Volkers, executive vice president of sales; and Ron Roonzani, vice president of sales, while relaxing at one of the networking events. The pair is attending this year’s conference with information about our collection services, and to make appointments for further discussion with interested companies.

Optio Solutions is a best-in class debt collection agency built upon a framework of experience, compliance, certification, data protection and collections technology. Our team provides exceptional first and third-party collections Utilities Collection Managersfor a variety of industries, including energy and utilities.

Acknowledging the specialized needs of utility companies and their consumers, Optio understands that debt collections are a crucial part of their revenue cycles.

Utility collection managers in search of a new or replacement debt collection agency can rely on Optio Solutions for a favorable return on investment, brand protection, and customer retention.

Contact us today to learn how an individualized collection strategy can help your energy or utility company.

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