collection agencies

Insights from Women Executives of Collection Agencies

“Agentless collections is the wave of the future,” said President/CEO Courtney Reynaud of Creditors Bureau USA. Her prediction is shared by at least one other executive quoted in an article about collection agencies’ “20 Most Powerful Women” from the September-October issue of Collection Advisor magazine. Nearly 70 percent of the 140,000 professionals in the industry…


medical practice management

Medical Group Management Assn Conference: MGMA18

MGMA18, an annual conference by the Medical Group Management Association, presents learning sessions, compelling speakers, a tradeshow and networking opportunities for medical group practice managers who are interested in learning optimized methodologies. More than 5,000 professionals — including medical practice and hospital executives, physicians and consultants — are expected to attend the trade event Sept.…


energy industry accounts receivable

Improving Energy Industry Accounts Receivable: Pt 3

Changes to the management of energy industry accounts receivable, in conjunction with a transition toward new revenue sources and distribution, present new opportunities for forward-thinking utility companies. The potential revenue sources includes renewable energy models, RenTech and an approaching wave of e-vehicles that will start breaking shore over the next few years. Simultaneously, distribution changes…