Auditing Third Party Collection Agencies

Auditing third party collection agencies is standard procedure among corporate clients in today’s business world. The reason for conducting audits is simple. Clients want to confirm that agencies are protecting their interest with compliant practices and efficient collection efforts that result in a favorable return on investment, brand protection, and customer retention. Auditing third party…


Optio Solutions Helps Build Tomorrow’s Leaders

For the second consecutive year, college-bound children of employees at Optio Solutions and affiliate CrossCheck were awarded scholarships from the ACA International Education Foundation (ACAEF). Trevor Arco (Texas) finished in second place while Nicholas Siembieda (Calif.) was among the fourth-place winners. The recognitions were part of the foundation’s Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship, an annual program that recognizes…


Planning a Tax Season Collection Strategy

There is only one season that really matters to the debt collection industry — the tax season that runs from late January to mid-April. Hence the need for planning a tax season collection strategy. There are others types of seasons, however, including those recognized by people living in a variety of places around the world.

Individuals from tropical regions often refer to the dry season and rainy season; most of the world follows the astronomical seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) of the Gregorian calendar; and numerous cultures recognize six seasons that roughly translate to early spring, spring, high summer, late summer, autumn and winter in western countries, or spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, early winter and late winter in south Asia.